Lulwah Al-Qatami


Lulwah Al-Qatami


Born in 1931, Lulwah Alqatami begins the interview with her earliest childhood memories in Sharq. She talks about her parents’ support and encouragement throughout her educational journey. She speaks about the politics of Kuwait in the 1930s and explains why her family left Kuwait to Azzubayr and Albasra in 1938.
In Iraq, Alqatami talks about the schools she attended. She describes in detail the neighborhoods they lived in and the homes they made. She also mentions her passion for learning and languages, which lead her to learn French in Albasra. Her childhood in Iraq was colorful and full of adventure.
Alqatami then moves into speaking about her education in England, earning a degree in education from Edinburgh, and her early activism as a student in the 1950s. After graduation, she moves back to Kuwait to start teaching in 1960. Her activism picks up as she becomes a founding member of the Women’s Cultural and Social Society in 1963. She also talks about the early days of Kuwait University and working at the Women’s College. Throughout the interview, Alqatami emphasizes her interest and investment in the Palestinian cause. While traveling for work, she discovers that Kuwait has been invaded by Iraq, and she quickly organizes protests and takes care of stranded Kuwaiti families abroad in France and later in Egypt. The last part of the interview focuses on the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 and the period of rebuilding Kuwait.








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Lulwah Al-Qatami




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