Interview with Louloua Al-Mulla


Interview with Louloua Al-Mulla


In her interview, Louloua Al-Mulla talks about her birth place in Sharq. She talks about her childhood and family in the 1940s. She describes her middle school education and the difference between parenting back then and now. In her description of her childhood, she refers to her relationship with the sea and the close bond children formed with the surrounding environment in old Kuwait. She also mentions the significant role her father played in society and his connections with foreigners.

Moving on from her childhood, Al-Mulla reflects on her time studying abroad in Beirut and her interest in politics. She then tells the story of coming back to Kuwait and studying English Literature at Kuwait University. While being a student at Kuwait University she started a family in the early 1970s. During that time she talks about her husband’s political career, motherhood, and student activism. Her activism as a student paved the way for her feminist political work with the Women Cultural and Social Society in the 1980s.

Al-Mulla spends the next part of the interview telling us about the Iraqi invasion and her work abroad in Egypt during the occupation. Towards the end of the interview she delves into her involvement with the WCSS after the liberation of Kuwait up until now. She explains their different projects, achievements, and focuses specifically on women’s political rights. She ends the interview by talking about Arabism and the WCSS’s efforts in supporting the Palestinian cause.








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Louloua Al-Mulla


Khaldiya, Kuwait

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